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Coleman® Hyperflame® Burner Technology

Coleman® Hyperflame® Burner Technology

Coleman's new patent-pending burner technology brings unrivaled innovation to outdoor cooking. Engineered to perfection, this burner technology will revolutionize industry standards for years to come.

HyperFlame® Burner Features

  • Downward stair-stepping burner design reduces wind exposure
  • Eliminates need for side panels to fit larger pots and pans
  • Additional uniform flame holes produce a larger heating area
  • Large burner diameter for wider heat distribution across your pan
  • Boils water twice as fast as standard Coleman® burners, when outdoors

Additional HyperFlame™ Features

Inclusion of the features below depends on the piece of outdoor cooking equipment you choose.
WindBlock™ pan supports offer 360° wind protection and fit larger pans.
WindBlock™ pan supports offer 360° wind protection and fit larger pans.
PerfectFlow™ technology provides consistent performance, even in extreme conditions.
SwapTop™ interchangeable cook tops allow more meal options.
InstaStart™ ignition uses a piezoelectric spark for matchless lighting. InstaStart™ EI is also available and includes a battery-assist with the matchless ignition mechanism.
Unit is lit using traditional flame-assisted ignition.